The Best Present to Receive during the Holidays…A SOLD HOME! Why listing your home during the holidays makes complete sense.

You heard that selling your home in the spring or summer is the best time to sell? Well here is a different perspective that I think some people tend to overlook. Here are 10 reasons why it makes perfect sense to sell your home over the holidays.

1. Myth. People don’t shop for a home in the winter. 

Ok if we lived in Buffalo I might agree with the statement above. But we live in San Diego and today its 72 degrees. I do believe that the harsh San Diego winter has not stopped buyers from shopping for a home. They are still out there bearing the “cold” in their flip flops to find the home of their dreams.

2.  People tend to move over the New Year.

Job transfers and relocation tend to happen over the holidays where people have time off to make the transition and get their kids registered for school over the holiday breaks. This is the time people are coming and going. San Diego is a transplant city and with that people are moving over the winter break.

3. Less Competition.

People tend to think they should sell their home in the Spring. Well if everything thinks this way, then we will end up with a flooded market in the Spring and much more competition. How about competing against a few homes for sell instead of 20 homes for sale. What would you rather have?

4. Holidays create emotion.

Buying a home is an emotional experience and holidays create emotion. This is the time that people can literally picture themselves sitting together over a Thanksgiving meal, or their children opening presents under the tree on Christmas morning in that beautifully decorated living room of yours.

homes for sale, selling  your home during the holidays

Lighting and holiday decorations can make your home inviting and appealing to buyers.

5. Your home looks warm and inviting during the holidays.

Outdoor lighting making your home glow with warmness, the smell of cookies baking, and soft holiday music playing in the background sets the tone and makes prospects feel right at home. Just be aware to decorate it to appeal to buyers. Please leave the Griswold holiday decorations in the garage and save them for your new home.

6. Tax Purposes.

Some people need to buy before year end for tax purposes.

7. Availability to preview homes.

This is huge to have buyers available during the week to preview homes (especially with less daylight for evening showings). Take advantage of this time they are off and get them in to preview your home!

8. You set the showing schedule.

Are you nervous about buyers coming into your home when you’re hosting a holiday party? Good news! You set the schedule when people can come into your home. So if you have events or guests in town just have your agent exclude those days from showing your home. It’s that simple.

9. You don’t have to move on Dec 25th.

If you list your home now are you concerned you will be out of a place to live and spend the holidays? Well let’s crush that myth. The great thing about being in your position is that you can set and negotiate the terms that work for you. So if you don’t want to close until after the holidays that is up to you.

San Diego real estate, Three Lagoons Realty, Megan Schenck, Carlsbad Realtor

Welcome to Three Lagoons Realty. We are a boutique real estate brokerage, working with buyers, sellers and leases in North County San Diego.

10. Three Lagoons Realty.

Megan Schenck at Three Lagoons Realty is working over the holidays, day and night to get your home sold for top dollar. I am available and ready to market and sell your home. If you would like additional information about market trends, comps in your neighborhood, or if you have any questions, I am here to be of service. Happy Holidays!

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