San Diego Padres Fun Facts

Padres Fun Facts

With baseball playoffs approaching at the end of this month I thought it’s be fun to get in the spirit with a little Padre Fun Facts. And no matter what you do in life, remember to swing for the fences!  

-What is the Padres mascot?

The Swinging Friar. In the 1970’s it was the chicken. Cluck Cluck!

-In 1974 Ray Kroc, the former owner of McDonalds saved the Padres from bring relocated to which city? 

Washington, DC

-In what year did the Padres change their color from brown and orange to navy and white?


-Which former Padre is known as “Mr. Padre”

Tony Gwynn

-On April 8, 1969 who did the Padres play against in their Major League Debut?

 Houston, Astros which the Padres defeated with a 2-1 game and an attendance of 23,370 fans.

-The Padres hosted the All-Star Game in what year?

In 1978 the Padres hosted the All Star game with the National League beating the American League 7-3

-In the final game in the 2001 season which Padre player received their 3000th hit?

Ricky Thompson

-What year did Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn retire?

 Tony spent all 20 seasons as a Padre beginning his career in 1982 and retiring in 2001. Tony retired with a .338 batting average and was a 15 year all-star who led the league in batting 8 times.

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Photo credit:

San Diego Padres mascot, the Swinging Friar, San Diego, CA

San Diego Padres mascot, the Swinging Friar, San Diego, CA


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