Tips for a GREEN Home

35 Tips to Making Your Home & Lifestyle GREEN

In honor of Earth Day I thought the timing couldn’t be better to highlight 35 easy tips you can do to make your home and lifestyle a bit greener. I’m grateful we recognize Earth Day but we need to make everyday Earth Day and make the lifestyle change. Where better to start than inside the home. Visit for more tips for the home, living an active lifestyle, and all things San Diego real estate related. 

  1. Install Solar Panels. Rebates are available & you can see a return on your investment with the energy savings off of your electric bill
  2. Compost- instead of throwing out peelings, fruit, veggies, plant clippings, paper towels, coffee grinds, etc you can compost them and use the fertilizer for your garden. The soil is rich in nutrients
  3. Install Energy Star® windows to keep your home warm in the winter months. Seal cracks to eliminate cold air getting into the home during the winter season.
  4. Water Efficient Landscaping- use drip irrigation, smart controllers, & water efficient plants such as succulents & CA Natives to cut down on your water consumption
  5. Use recycled materials such as composite wood or steel on your garage door. You can insulate your garage doors in colder climates or use a perforated garage door in warmer climates to allow ventilation & light
  6. Dispose hazardous waste properly
  7. Use fuel-efficient vehicles such as Hybrid or Electric vehicles
  8. Utilize alternative transportation such as the Coaster, Trolley, bus, bike or walk
  9. Carpool you can bypass so much traffic in the carpool lane as an added benefit!
  10. Purchase Energy Star® labeled models for kitchen appliances, washer/dryer, TV’s, computer, printer, etc
  11. Hang dry clothes when possible
  12. Buy products in bulk to reduce container consumption
  13. Consider furniture options such as cork, recycled wood, recycled glass, or products that have minimal shipping distance & are easy maintenance that don’t require harsh chemicals
  14. Use cleaning products that are natural and avoid products with Poison or Danger on the label
  15. Install energy-efficient light bulbs throughout the home
  16. Use a power strip and turn off when not using electronics
  17. Set electronics to sleep mode during idle periods
  18. Use natural light when at all possible. Turn off lights when you’re not in the room
  19. Utilize ceiling fans, screens & window fans before turning on the air conditioner. Purchase an Energy Star® air conditioner.
  20. Donate used furniture, clothes or plants instead throwing it out
  21. Fix leaky faucets and fixtures immediately
  22. Many cabinets use formaldehyde as an adhesive. This is a harmful chemical. Look for formaldehyde-free adhesives and finishes when purchasing cabinets
  23. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors throughout the home. This is a law in California as well as many other states across the US
  24. Buy local. This eliminates shipping costs, fuel use and supports the local economy
  25. Plant a garden or get involved in a community garden. With the growing season practically year-long in San Diego we are fortunate to be able to grow fruit, veggies & herbs throughout the year
  26. Clean filters on a annual basis for your cooling & heating systems
  27. Clean ducts, fix holes & leaks in ducts, & add insulation in areas such as crawl space, basements and attics
  28. Properly insulate your home. This can assist with the cooling & heating of your home tremendously
  29. According to the EPA, water heating is the 3rd largest energy expense in the home. You can reduce this by installing either tankless, heat pump, or solar hot water heaters
  30. Install Water Sense labeled toilets
  31. Use low flow shower heads and faucets
  32. Eliminate mold and mildew growth in the bathroom by using the bathroom fan or having windows open when showering, not leaving standing water, clean up water within 24 hours of occurrence, fix leaks, keep area dry , & remove water damaged items to prevent mold growth
  33. Use mulch around plants. Mulch helps retain water and moisture for the plants, helps to eliminate weeds and release nutrients into the plants
  34. Look into alternative water sources for irrigation use such as reclaimed water, gray water, or water harvesting by capturing rain water.
  35. Use rain sensors or soil moisture sensors to eliminate irrigating during or shortly after rainfall or if your soil already has enough moisture
    earth day, green home, mother earth, green real estate, energy efficient

    Earth Day is a great reminder to do your part, and it can start with living in a green home.

    Green home, earth day, green real estate, water efficiently, energy savings

    Living in a Green Home. Do your part and make a few easy changes to make your home green.

    green home, energy savings, energy star, earth day

    Buy Energy Star products to reduce your energy consumption

    drip irrigation, water efficient landscape, green home, water wise

    Using low flow irrigation such as drip irrigation will help from over watering your landscape


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